Residential Cleaning


Light dusting, surface cleaning of counters and outside cabinets, bathroom cleaning, sweeping/vaccumming and mopping of the floors.

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After Party Cleaning


Having a party and want to focus more on having fun! Enjoy your gathering and leave the clean up to us. 

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Move In/Out Cleaning


We have customizable packages to fit the needs of your apartment/condo or house.

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Carpet Cleaning


Packages for any size location. Stain removal is available.

Deep Cleaning


Our professionals are trained to come into your home or office and clean from top to bottom with great attention to detail.

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Commercial Cleaning


We have packages for office/medical buildings, banks, restaurants, and more. Contact us for more information.

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry


We sort and wash clothes then dry and fold loads of laundry.



Inside Cabinets


Clean and sanitize inside of cabinets and drawers in bathrooms and/or kitchens.



Inside Fridge


We remove all food from each shelf. Clean and sanitize all parts of the refrigerator.

Inside Oven


Clean and sanitize inside of oven and clean inside racks.



Interior Walls


Clean interior walls and doors.



Interior Windows


Clean all interior windows. Please advise of any elevated windows.